Musicians of HumanistSG – Adam Quek

The Humanist Music Day event was a half a year ago, though the ripples are still radially expanding to touch distant hearts . We will pick up where we left off, writing about the musicians who performed that Saturday afternoon.

Adam hails from the financial sector. It’s easy to tell , since he was the HSS internal auditor two years before, meticulous with numbers, and precise with chords and plucks. Adam had performed two Johann Sebastian Bach pieces earlier – Prelude & Bouree – and this song, named “Circular Logic” , was written for his grandpa who passed away two weeks before, after a long bout with dementia.

Adam imagined his grandpa reliving his youth but forgetting his present state, questioning inner bliss and outer reality, hence Circular Logic. Natacha, Adam’s daughter (mother’s Korean), wanted to be with papa throughout the three songs instead of sitting in the corner by herself. Despite the scores of eyes affixed onto the father-daughter pair, she hardly flinched, signifying another musician with nerves of steel in the making, and a papa-child relationship that emerges from a loving grandpa-grandchild bond.


On close attention, you can see the 7-string guitar ‘christened’ by Natacha’s Snow White sticker – her seal of approval of papa’s finesse on this instrument.

On the posting of this, is Adam’s birthday. We wish him many happy ones to come !

(Adam plays for Forbidden Planet, a 4-piece instrumental band , in the uncharted terrain of ‘genre-bending prog rock’)