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We are a registered society in Singapore for humanists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other like-minded people. A community guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion.

新加坡人本学会代表新加坡 的人本主义(亦称人文主义)者、无神论者、不可知论者、自由思想者 的组织。我们注重理性, 仁慈。

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Darwin Day reflections: Why ignorance of evolution can kill

This is a Darwin Day column co-written by Dan Dan Thio and Xue Jianyue. Picture above: The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, which killed millions and happened before the discovery of antibiotics. … learn more

Humans of HumanistSG

Who is behind the Humanist Society? What kind of people are they?  What are their respective roles in keeping the humanist movement alive? Our executive committee members share some of their thoughts … learn more

Annual General Meeting 2017

The Humanist Society (Singapore) invites all our members to our Annual General Meeting (AGM). If you want to find out more about HSS and our activities, our past events in 2016 and our future plans … learn more

Strategic offense-takers and their threat to Singapore

In multi-religious, multiracial Singapore, many Singaporeans will not hesitate to stand up on behalf of countrymen at the receiving end of racist jokes, insults and discrimination. From young, … learn more


Public Talk on AMD, will writing and estate planning

A will is an important and yet often neglected part of financial planning. Some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences of not having a valid will when we pass on, whereas the rest of us simply keep putting it off. On the other hand, people are more aware of the importance to have some … learn more

Annual General Meeting 2017

Please refer to this announcement post for more information: http://humanist.org.sg/annual-general-meeting-2017/ … learn more

Darwin Day 2017: In the footsteps of Wallace

The Wallace trail at Bukit Timah is named in honour of Alfred Russel Wallace, the British naturalist who independently conceived the theory of evolution through natural selection. He visited Singapore many times from 1854 - 1862 as part of his eight-year stay in the Malay archipelago. To get closer … learn more

Humanist Cafe #30

The Humanist Cafe is a free and easy social event where you can meet and mingle with other fellow humanists and make new friends over dinner. Have a question you want to ask about Humanism? Want to make a connection with like-minded people? Drop by the National Library and get to know us … learn more