Key statistics

The Society wishes to highlight some key statistics about non-religious people in Singapore. Figures are taken from the 2010 census done by the Department of Statistics, Singapore and any figure used from this site must be credited to them. If you wish to double check the numbers, you can visit their website.

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Total Resident population


Total religious: 2,578,196, or 83%

Total non-religious: 527,553, or 17%

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


The non-religious form a significant minority in Singapore. From 1980 to 2010, their proportion of the total population has increased from 13 to 17 per cent. Singapore’s non-religious tend to be atheists, agnostics, humanists, theists and skeptics. Some of them are culturally religious as well. There are also some residents who are not affiliated with any religion, but still choose to practice traditional rituals such as ancestor worship.


Total non-religious population:


Male: 278,683, or 52.8% (National average: 48.9%)
Female: 248,870, or 47.2% (National average: 51.1%)

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


Among non-religious residents, there are slightly more men than women. However, this difference is negligable. In general, men are more willing to express their humanist and atheist thoughts, and are more likely to join humanist organisations. The Humanist Society’s leadership and volunteer base, however, are often split evenly between men and women.

Citizens and PRs

Citizens: 441,453, or 83.7% (National average: 85.5%)

PRs: 86,100, or 16.3% (National average: 14.5%)

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


The proportion of citizens and permanent residents (PRs) within Singapore’s non-religious resident population roughly mirrors the situation across the whole country. Permanent residents form a slightly higher proportion within the non-religious segment, relative to the rest of the resident population. Our Humanist Society itself, however, is much more cosmopolitan. Our gatherings attract participants not from ASEAN countries, but also countries as far as Pakistan, Iran, South Africa and Australia. We have also hosted reowned authors and speakers when they drop by in Singapore.

dwelling freethinkers

Where the non-religious stay in Singapore:

HDB: 397,724 or 75.4% (National average: 82.5%)

Condominiums and Private Flats: 787,49 or 14.9% (National average: 10.1%)

Landed: 47,223 or 9.0 % (National average: 6.7%)

Others 3,857 or 0.7% (National average: 0.7%)

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


The non-religious population in Singapore, on average, is slightly better off than the average citizen. While a clear majority – about three in four non-religious residents – reside in the government subsidised private housing, the proportion of non-religious residents living in condomiums, private flats and landed propertities are higher than the national average.

uni grads

Total number of graduates: 


Non-religious: 153,275, or 24.2% of graduates

Religious: 480822, 75.8% of graduates

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


The non-religious residents, in general, are slightly better educated than the average resident. Although non-religious residents comprise 17% of the total population, they make up 24.2% of all graduates. However, the non-religious is not the largest group within the graduate and undergraduate population. Statistics from the 2010 census show that Christianity and Buddhism are among the most popular religions for university graduates and undergraduates. For more information on this, please refer to the Department of Statistics website.


Highest qualfication attained by non-religious residents

No qualification: 36,318, or 8% (National average: 15.3%)

Primary: 17,810, or 3.9% (National average: 7.0%)

Lower Secondary: 35,309, or 7.8% (National average: 10.2%)

Secondary: 77,852, or 17.1% (National average: 18.9%)

Post-Secondary (Non-tertiary): 50,730, or 11.1% (National average: 11.1%)

Polytechnic: 53,657, or 11.8% (National average: 9%)

Professional Qualification and Other Diploma 30,146, or 6.6% (National average: 5.8%)

University 153,275, or 33.7% (National average: 22.8%)

Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore


The varying educational levels attained by non-religious residents show that freethinkers here come from all walks of life and academic backgrounds. About one in three non-religious residents are college graduates. The number of polytechnic graduates and those with professional qualifications or other diplomas, are also higher than the national average. At the same time, a significant number of non-religious residents (8%) do not have any qualifications.  Close to one in four non-religious residents attained up to secondary or lower secondary education.