Darwin Day 2015


Breaking away from the lecture formats of past Darwin Days, the Humanist Society held Darwin Day 2015 outdoors at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It was a homecoming for the Society for it was in this gardens, back in 2009, where discussions to register our NGO with the government began. This garden, built in the 1860s and the birthplace of the rubber industry, was just a few months shy of being declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Darwin Day 2015 was divided into two parts, the Darwin Photo Challenge and a self-guided tour at the Evolution Gardens. The day started early at 9am+ when participants gathered at a designated pavilion near the north entrance. Gamesmasters Eric briefed the participants, who subsequently broke up into groups of 3-5 people each. The teams named themselves “Monkey’s Uncle”, “Wallace”, “Green Nature” and “Lalangs”.

Team Wallace:


Team Green Nature


Team Lalangs


Team Monkey’s Uncle


These groups would take part in a mini-competition that resembles an Easter egg aunt, or an Amazing Race. Teams of participants went around the area to take photographs of birds, insects and mammals listed on a game sheet called the “Darwin Tree of Life. Different photographs were given points based on the varying difficulty levels. The challenge ends at a “bonus stage” in the Evolution Garden. 


The four teams toured the garden, reading about the history of plant life on Earth, and took part in a mini-quiz at the end.  The 9.9-hectare tells the evolutionary story of plant life on Earth throughout the ages. It shows the amazing story of how plants gave us life, and how, long before humans arrived, plants started to evolve into the myriad complex, wonderful life forms that we see today. At the end of the self-tour, participants took part in a quiz.



Group photo at the end of the event:


Also joining us on that day was a final-year student project group from Nanyang Technological University called PATH. They had contacted us a few months earlier and invited us to join an interfaith campaign that also includes the non-religious.


You can watch their video of our Darwin Day here:

After the Darwin Day, we had a good lunch at Bar Bar Black Sheep. Members of the executive committee and volunteers also began discussing the upcoming IHEYO Asian Humanism Conference.