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We are a registered society in Singapore for humanists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other like-minded people. A community guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion.

新加坡人文协会代表新加坡 的人文主义者,无神论者.不可知论者,自由思想家者 的组织。我们注重理性, 仁慈。

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BLOG: Drinks, Poetry & Moonrise

Thirty people attended our event "Drinks, Poetry & Moonrise" on Wednesday night. This first of its kind HSS event straddles science and culture, highlighting the essence of the Mid-Autumn … learn more

Yahoo: Recognising non-religious Singaporeans

Singapore needs a national narrative for the non-religious, argues our President Paul Tobin in our first commentary in the media published on Yahoo Singapore. The 700+ word article talks about … learn more

BLOG: World Humanist Congress 2014

 This year, the World Humanist Congress took place in Oxford, England from 7 – 10 August. Our committee member Huifen attended the Congress – here is her experience of it. Introduction The … learn more

BLOG: A Summary of Human Worth and Dignity Talk

By Grace Boey On 3rd August 2014, the HSS hosted a talk — Human Worth & Dignity: Two Stories of the LGBT Community — at Singapore Management University’s Administrative Building. Guest … learn more



Winter Solstice Celebration 2014

What is the Winter Solstice? It's the coolest day of the year. Also known as midwinter, longest night or first day of winter, the winter solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a Earth's polar hemisphere is farthest away from the Sun. The Humanist Society (Singapore) organizes Winter … learn more

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Talk: Science and Philosophy in the Medieval Middle­East

Join us as we examine the history of Science and Philosophy in the Medieval Middle ­East. The talk will bring you through the geography of the Middle­ East and its importance as a cross­road of ancient great civilizations. A few prominent scientists, physicians and philosophers of the medieval … learn more