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We are a registered society in Singapore for humanists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other like-minded people. A community guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion.

新加坡人文协会代表新加坡 的人文主义者,无神论者.不可知论者,自由思想家者 的组织。我们注重理性, 仁慈。

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Is meditation beneficial?

Recently, we have been asked by members of the public and press about our views on meditation, a practice that is getting popular in Singapore. The mental practice is thousands of years old, and can … learn more

Passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

STATEMENT FROM THE HUMANIST SOCIETY (SINGAPORE): Singapore's founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew has passed away this morning at the age of 91. Throughout his years of public service, … learn more

Blog: Darwin Day spreads to Asia

Darwin Day began in the United States back in the 1990s to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on 12 February 1809. The event is popular in academic communities and humanist … learn more

Nominate for Annual General Meeting 2015 now!

Dear members, In preparation for the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Humanist Society (Singapore), we would like to invite fellow members to run as members of the coming year’s … learn more



Asian Humanism Conference 2015 – Unity in Diversity

The Humanist Society (Singapore) and the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization (IHEYO) invite you to the Asian Humanism Conference 2015. Join us for two days of learning, networking and fun, which will also coincide with our World Humanist Day celebrations! For more information, … learn more


Pink Dot 2015 (T-shirts for sale!)

The Humanist Society (Singapore) will once again participate in this year's Pink Dot event held on June 13. We invite you to join us as we support the freedom to love. For the second year running, we will have a booth and a picnic. To participate, you can... Come at 445pm to beat the … learn more