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We are a registered society in Singapore for humanists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other like-minded people. We organise talks, social events and community service every month, helped by a dedicated network of volunteers. The Society is also part of the International Humanist and Ethical Union and the Atheist Alliance International.

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4th Annual General Meeting (2014) Results

On 29 March 2014, the HSS held our 4th Annual General Meeting. Of the 52 current voting members, 18 attended. This year, the positions of President, Treasurer and Committee Member were up for … learn more

ST: What atheism really means

Our ex-President, Paul Tobin, wrote to the Straits Times forum to explain what atheism means. He was responding to Pastor Lawrence Khong's comment in a previous interview that atheists are religious … learn more

ST: Helping needy transcends religion

In a forum letter, George Lim mentions the Humanist Society. His letter argued that charitable giving transcends religion and it is human nature to give. He also added that the Singapore spirit should … learn more

ST: Non-belief doesn’t hinder philantrophy

Our reply to a journalist’s concern that ‘the rise of atheism or those who are not religious might (hinder philanthropy). Zheng Huifen, the author, pointed out that non-religious people donate to … learn more

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Exclusive Tour: Island Adventurer Exhibition

  The Humanist Society is pleased to invite you to join us for an exclusive guided tour of the Island Adventurer exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre. Date: 12 April 2014 Time: 2.30pm Venue: Entrance of Island Adventurer exhibition, Hall B, Mezzanine Floor, Singapore … learn more


Charity Book Sale #1

We have over 500 books for sale- all for a good cause! We will be conducting a poll on Facebook to decide which charities the proceeds will go to. We have a wide array of books ranging from non-fiction (history, science, psychology, etc) to novels (science-fiction, fantasy, classics, etc) to … learn more