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We are a registered society in Singapore for humanists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other like-minded people. A community guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion.

新加坡人本学会代表新加坡 的人本主义(亦称人文主义)者、无神论者、不可知论者、自由思想者 的组织。我们注重理性, 仁慈。

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“Terrorism has no religion”: discard this divisive slogan

The Humanist Society (Singapore) sets out our position regarding the slogan “Terrorism has no religion”. As Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony Day this month, we are mindful that the terrorist … learn more

World Humanist Day 2016 Video

We organised our World Humanist Day celebrations on June 18 this year. The theme is Humanists: Be The Change. The talks are by speakers who represent organisations that make positive changes to their … learn more

Official shortform: HumanistSG

"Humanist Society (Singapore)" is our official name and it should be used as first reference in official documents, news articles and any other platform meant for mass communication and record … learn more

ST: S’pore group out to get biggest impact for charity donations

The Humanist Society (Singapore) was mentioned as the co-organiser of Introduction to Effective Altruism workshop in an article featuring the new group, Effective Altruism … learn more


a better life banner

A Better Life Film Screening

This September, join the Humanist Society (Singapore) at The Projector for our showing of "A Better Life: An Exploration of Joy & Meaning in a World Without God”. Ponder on life without religion with famous non-believers like Daniel Dennett, A.C. Grayling and Julia Sweeney in this fascinating … learn more

Happy People Helping People past outing

Happy Humanists Helping People

Happy People Helping People is a not-for-profit foundation run by a collective of like-minded happy people with an aim for helping others. They are organizing an outing for elderly in need to the River Safari and you're invited to join us for a meaningful afternoon! Please contact our Community … learn more

summer social dinner photo

Humanist Cafe #23

Our monthly social event, Humanist Cafe, now occurs on the second Thursday of every month! The Humanist Cafe is a free and easy social event where you can meet and mingle with other fellow humanists and make new friends over dinner. Have a question you want to ask about Humanism? Want to make … learn more

world humanist day banner

World Humanist Day 2016

The Humanist Society (Singapore) is hosting a day of talks open to members of the public with the theme – Humanists: Be The Change. The talks are by speakers who represent organisations that make positive changes to their communities. These talks also aim to explore how we can make the most of our … learn more