Videos: Religion and Atheism: A Conversation (Round 3)

This (last of series of three) is appropriately timed for Dr Paul Hedges’ book launch on Friday 14 October 2016.

These videos, where our president had a conversation with Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib from LeftWrite Center,

Round 3 : Wrap up on religion
Speaker :  Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib (Co-Founder, Leftwrite Center)

Wrap up on atheism
Speaker : Tan Tatt Si (HSS President)

Perhaps the most memorable phrase outlining the spirit of the conversation, came at the very end of this video : “What is one god between friends ?”

A/Prof Hoon with his closing remarks
Speaker : A/Prof Hoon Chang Yau (Singapore Management University)

HumanistSG thanks you for tuning in, and endeavour to bring more such conversations to our followers.