The graduate and the mascot


Hi I’m Pearl and I’m a committee member of the HumanistSG. I am a Global Studies graduate from NUS. I joined the HumanistSG Exco because I believe in the importance of harmony in our multicultural society. To achieve this harmony, it’s crucial to achieve better understanding between people of different cultures and communities. That’s why it’s important for the non-religious/ humanist/ atheist people in Singapore to have a voice in HumanistSG.

Like what Huifen said, the humanist/atheist movement in Singapore is unique in that it’s not dominated by angry ex-religious people or boring middle aged men. It’s a dynamic community with people of different backgrounds, coming together to make a difference for the non-religious community that we represent. And that’s what I love the most about our group!

I’ve also been the mascot in a video made about the Humanist Society.

Pearl (far left) at Pink Dot 2015:

Pearl at NUS introducing the Humanist Society during Dr Jerry Coyne’s lecture in Singapore: