Organizing Humanism: Catching star speakers

According to our experience, two powerful forces pull people to Humanist events. The first is a powerful cause. The second is star personalities.

Based on existing evidence, good speakers draw the most attendants at Humanist events. The top 5 events above 100 participants all involve good speakers.

Singapore is a small and young country, we do not have many famous Humanist thinkers and celebrities.

However, Singapore is a very connected global city. The Singapore government and universities pay huge sums to fly famous humanists into the country.

By collaborating with them to host these famous humanists, our local programme will be enriched tremendously. Examples include visits by A.C Grayling and Jerry Coyne. 

What you can do

  • Tracking famous speakers flying across the world. Humanist activists whom we have met at overseas conferences can give us advance notice.
  • Scour the websites of A*Star, Singapore Writer’s Festival, local universities for any visiting dignitaries.
  • Send regular queries to humanist organisations living abroad (BHA, AHA), to inquire about upcoming visits or even invite them to Singapore.