Non-religious funerals


The death of people we know and love is often shocking and painful. Offering a dignified and meaningful way to bid farewell to those who have lived without religion is important.

Our organisation, at this point of time, do not have the capability to offer humanist funerals and memorial services. However, non-religious funeral packages exist in Singapore and have been in business for many years. We have a compiled a list for your reference, including contact numbers and rates (where available). However, information on the websites are not exhaustive and we do not have complete knowledge of the packages. Please contact the providers for more information.

Members of the humanist community have asked us if the Mandai Columbarium provides a place for deceased people who did not profess a religion or did not choose to be affiliated to any religion. To our knowledge, there is no differentiation between religions (or the lack of) for the deceased in the government managed columbariums. According to the FAQs on the NEA websitethe niches are also allocated sequentially.

Packages for freethinkers with stated prices

Simplicity Casket
Contact: 6456 7423/ 8399 4786
Price range: $3928-$6390

It provides packages that are catered to the Catholics/Christians/Freethinkers. However, the only religious element in the services listed is point 8 which states “Christian / Roman Catholic Backdrop Set Up”. Given the package is provided for freethinkers as well, it is likely possible to opt out of point 8.

World Casket
Contact: 6457 2112
Price range: $3900-$5600

It provides non-religious packages ranging from 2-5 days, with the option to hold in the HDB void deck or aircon parlour.

Comfort Casket
Contact: 97217291/ 97859587
Price range: $4200

It offers a 3-day freethinker package at HDB void deck.

Singapore Bereavement Services
Contact: 6464 9809
Price range: $4200

There is a “Roman Catholic/Freethinker” package. Details of the services are also available. There appears to be no religious element in the details and most likely it is customisable depending on whether the deceased is catholic or freethinking.

Casket FairPrice
Contact: 6455 9909
Price range: $3900 – $4900

Details of the package are available

Contact: 94777774
Price range: $4500

Details of the freethinker package are available and provides standard venue set-up

Packages for freethinkers with prices not stated

Tan Khiam Soon Undertaker
Contact: 6288 5435
Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

It provides a variety of services for the various beliefs, including a freethinking one. For more details, you will need to contact the company.

Direct Funeral Service
Contact: 6555 2225
Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

Details of the package are available and provides standard venue set-up at HDB void deck.

Life Celebrant
Contact: 6684 8488
Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

Life Celebrant is the only funeral company that provides Funeral Celebrant ceremonies. The company will carefully craft the eulogy and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, unique symbols and rituals. It provides secular funerals, organized for the deceased with no religious faith, where the funeral celebrant focuses on the life and/or hobbies of the deceased.

Ang Kwong Hak Chin Funeral Service

Contact: 8182 6346 (Ben) or 9040 5789 (Zheng Yi)

Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

“Atheist funerals are appropriate memorials to those who lived their lives without religious affiliation and reject the typically religious views associated with life and death. At these atheist services there is no specific reference to an afterlife, Instead, the funeral services are a tribute to the life the deceased lived. Loved ones that are left behind are acknowledged, and the deceased’s life is remembered through memories.”

Not specific to freethinkers but worth considering

Singapore Casket
Contact: 6293 4388
Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

Does not specifically provide a “freethinker” package but it is the largest funeral company in Singapore and provides a wide range of services, even sea burial. It also provides human remains repatriation services.

Serenity Casket
Contact: 9618 6689
Price range: Please call the company for a quotation.

Does not specifically provide a “freethinker” package but provides certain themed packages such as solemn tribute, peaceful symphony, pillar of strength. It also has repatriation services. where  death occurs away from home, and the family wishes are to return their loved one to their home of origin.


Disclaimer: The Humanist Society (Singapore) is just providing this list for the convenience of families searching for such packages. We are not liable for any lapses in services. This list of packages, and the order they are placed, provide no indication of their quality and value for money.