Giving up religion, as reality not on my side

I had my friends over at my place for dinner. When everyone moved to the living room and I stayed behind in the kitchen to wash the dishes, one of my Muslim friends approached me with a curious question: “Say, you are very knowledgeable when it comes to evolution and all. How do you reconcile God with all of that?”. I was excited he would show interest in science and told him that God might very well have had a guiding hand in the process of evolution. He nodded to himself and left to join the others.

But I was less satisfied with my own answer. I felt like I was grasping for straws, trying to reconcile religion with my education. From that moment on, my belief in God began to crumble. I had a dogged phase in which I was desperate to find Quranic verses that contained scientific facts that were impossible to know at the time they were written. I even went as far as asking for help from a friend who had became an Imam, requesting any and every verse that could have aided me in my quest. But despite my efforts, I wasn’t able find any verse that withstood the tiniest amount of scrutiny or didn’t require an incredibly charitable stretch.

Eventually, no matter how much I tried to prove the veracity of my beliefs, I had to realize that reality simply wasn’t on my side. This is how I gave up religion and became an atheist.

Ufuk Borucu

This story was first published on ‘Ask An Atheist – SG’ Facebook page in 2016.