Darwin Day 2015


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Botanic Gardens, Pavilion at Swan Lake
Botanic Gardens


We will be spending Darwin Day 2015 at the Singapore Botanical Gardens! The Gardens, currently an applicant for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, is a world of greenery and elegance. 

The Society will be conducting a family-friendly competition, called the “Darwin Photo Challenge”, near the Eco-Lake, about 5 minutes walk the Botanical Gardens MRT station (Circle Line). Participants in groups of 3 to 4 will run around the gardens within a 45-minute window, taking photographs of trees and animals listed on a gamesheet called the “Darwin Tree of Life.” Participants can either bring a camera or use their mobile devices. The top two groups in the competition will be given prizes. More details will be revealed on the day.

We will also be having a self-guided tour of the Evolution Gardens. The 9.9-hectare tells the evolutionary story of plant life on Earth throughout the ages. It shows the amazing story of how plants gave us life, and how, long before humans arrived, plants started to evolve into the myriad complex, wonderful life forms that we see today. 

After the event ends, we invite you to join us a casual Darwin Day lunch at Bar Bar Black Sheep near the Botanic Gardens MRT station. This lunch, however, is self-paid and optional. 

So, join us for a morning of fun and exploration! Please RSVP at facebook or email to info@humanist.org.sg early as it will help the organisers estimate the amount of water and game materials needed, minimising wastage.

Fees: $5 for members, $8 for non-members

**Gathering point: Please meet at the gate outside Botanic Gardens MRT, NOT the Tanglin Gate entrance. The Botanic Gardens MRT is part of the Circle Line.

Map of the Singapore Botanic Garden:

SBG Map_Final_Comms_27Feb2014

Map of the Evolution Garden within SBG:

Evolution Garden_map

Parking options: You can use the public carpark near the Cluny Park Gate or find more information at SBG website.