Official shortform: HumanistSG

“Humanist Society (Singapore)” is our official name and it should be used as first reference in official documents, news articles and any other platform meant for mass communication and record keeping. We do not accept variants such as “Humanist Society of Singapore” or “Singapore Humanist Society.”

For second reference and beyond, we can be referred as a “the Society”, “organisation”, “group”, “non-governmental organisation” or “NGO”.

We have used an acronym, “HSS”, as our shortened form in the past. However, “HSS” is a commonly used acronym locally and around the world. Thus, it is not suitable in the long run. From today onwards, we will use a shortened form called “HumanistSG” for second references and beyond. This shortened form also happens to be our Twitter name:

“HSS” can be used in private, informal references to our organisation. “Humanist Society SG” shall be kept on our Twitter for brevity sake and will not be used as an official name or official shortened form.

Official first reference:

  1. Humanist Society (Singapore)

Official second references:

  1. HumanistSG
  2. “group”
  3. “Society”
  4. “organisation”
  5. “non-governmental organisation” / “NGO”