ST: Serving non-religious folk here more actively

The Straits Times reporter Melody Zaccheus has written a feature on the Humanist Society (Singapore) titled “ST: Serving non-religious folk here more actively” on Sep 26, 2016.  It highlighted our first celebrant service, a godparents naming ceremony, and our aims for the future. This includes co-curricular activity groups in tertiary institutions to offer an alternative to the established religious groups on campus, and organising “critical thinking” and science workshops for children.

Significantly, it highlighted the Society’s humanist life stance and our membership in the IHEU and AAI. It also quoted experts saying that our growth comes as “no surprise”. Iseas – Yusof Ishak Institute sociologist Terence Chong said it has “become necessary to ensure notions of morality are not dominated by religious values but broadened to include secular ethics, moral philosophy and progressive values” and our Society seeks to meet these needs.

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