The theme for the conference this year is Unity in Diversity. The growing use of the Internet and social media means that the world is increasingly connected online. Words and images can be shared internationally in seconds. Yet, cultural and social norms remain firmly entrenched within societies. The world is a marketplace of diverse ideas. Communication is hampered by existing biases and prejudices.

How can humanists communicate responsibly and effectively to build a harmonious, cohesive world for all of us? The HSS seeks to explore the topic of dialogue, communication and outreach for young humanists. This is also in line with the humanist view of combining personal conduct with social responsibility.

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Day One – June 20 (Sat)

Speakers will present their thoughts on the theme, Unity in Diversity. There will also be facilitated discussions revolving around the event theme.

Item Time Speaker/Host Programme
1 0900 - Registration
2 0930 Paul Tobin Opening speech and brief presentation on humanism in Singapore
3 1000 John van Wyhe and HSS VP Keynote speech with Dr John van Wyhe on the theme of unity in diversity in human history. Speech will be interview-style and hosted by Vice-President of HSS. There will be a 10-minute discussion followed by a 20-minute Q&A.
4 1015 Theresa Termulo / Zurairi AR / Uttam Niraula / Red Tani / Paul Tobin Panel presentation by four speakers who will share their experience in media and outeach. Each presentation will last 5 minutes. Paul Tobin will act as moderator. This will be followed by a 45-minute Q&A.
5 1145 - Selection of questions for the afternoon discussion. Themes will be based around "Unity in Diversity" and will include 1) Humanism and Dialogue in General  2) Finding the Heart of Humanism: Emotional Communication within your society and beyond  3) Humanism and Scientific Literacy: Communicating the Wonder of the Natural World and  4) Humanism and Service to Others
6 1200 - LUNCH
7 1330 - Small group discussion
8 1515 - TEA BREAK
9 1530 - Discussion groups present their views
10 1545 Paul Tobin / VP HSS to moderate Final Q&A
11 1615 - End of Conference Day 1

Day Two – June 21 (Sun)

Day 2 will see workshops to share knowledge, best practices and tools to equip young people to communicate effectively and responsibly. These will include presentations on dialogue and social media content.

Item Time Speaker/Host Programme
1 0900 - Registration
2 0930 Red Tani / Garrick Bercero Producing Social Media Content (with Q&A)
3 1015 Misbah Shahzad Connecting with Young People
4 1100 Paul Singh Gill Society Management
5 1200 - LUNCH
6 1300 Reggy Hasibuan Communications in Comedy (with Q&A)
7 1345 Mathia Lee / Kay Chew Lin Communications Workshop
8 1600 Paul Tobin / VP HSS closing remarks
9 1630 - End of Conference