The educator


Hafiiz joined the HumanistSG executive committee in 2014 as our assistant secretary. In 2015, he was elected as our secretary. Hafiiz is an educator at heart.  At many of our field trips, he would volunteer as our guide, relying on his own scientific knowledge and passion for nature. During our visit to Lee Kong Chian museum, he helped to provide explanations about natural history and wildlife.

Hafiiz, bottom row, third from right:


At Darwin Day 2016, where we visited the Singapore zoo, Hafiiz contributed as a guide.


Hafiiz has supported the Humanist Society at many events. He volunteered at our beach cleanup at Pulau Ubin (second from left):

Took part in our picnics at Pink Dot:

THSpinkdot14 73

At our BBQ to celebrate SG50, Hafiiz’s wish for the Singapore’s next 50 years:


Why equality of opportunity for everyone? He said: “A lot of people believe that meritocracy is alive in Singapore, but the truth is that a lot of people do not get the same opportunities.”