Voice of Reason

The Society strives to:

  • To encourage respect for the universal human rights of men and women free from discrimination on the basis of race, class, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, or nationality.
  • To encourage informed and reasoned discussion of issues in a manner that shows respect for the individual and his or her views.

Thus, the HSS has taken part in public debates over creationism, secularism, abortion and LGBT rights. In the process, we strive to provide an evidence-based point of view that is rational and compassionate. Our views have been expressed via:

  • Interviews with the media
  • Letters to the press
  • Open letters and announcements
  • Joint statements (see below)

For more information, please visit our newsroom.

Joint statements

  1. Hate cannot be allowed to take root in Singapore
  2. Civil society on President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Singapore
  3. Partners in the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws